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There’s a little bit of Angel in all of us 

wolvesofpatience replied to your post: I’m just gonna curl up in bed, watch P…

I’m so sorry to hear that you feel like that, hun. I hope that doing what you said helps a little bit and I just don’t know what else to say except: *hugs*

Thank you, lovely! I remember you always commented with such nice things back on livejournal. I am doing much better than I was back then, though, just so you know. Idk, it feels important that you know that? 

Anyway, thank you <3 HUGS

I’m just gonna curl up in bed, watch Parks and rec and eat sugary things and ignore that life is crappy and stuff sucks. then sleep. 

I’m just not functioning properly rn. fuck. 


Hanna Kern in "The Dad is Dead. Long Live the Dad" by Greta Ilieva for Under The Influence Fall/Winter 2011


Adriana Lima in “Superwoman” for Interview Germany, April 2014

Photographed by: Robbie Fimmano 


Mädchen Amick photographed by Barry Hollywood for In Fashion magazine, Summer 1991. Clothing by Norma Kamali.

Eating and self care aren’t things you need to earn. You deserve food, rest, and happiness no matter who you are or what your past is.


shot this for a while ago!!


Polyester 2014, shoot by Arvida Byström.


fei fei sun for vogue china november 2011